Getting Creative

Hello from the tip of Michigan!

What is your community doing to keep spirits up?  People are definitely getting creative out there.

Here are some examples of what this little community has been doing in time of social distancing and isolation.

Dressing Like Animals

We’ve had a few flamingo sightings lately.  Apparently this bird didn’t get the “stay at home” memo.  Maybe she got mixed up with a gaggle of geese!


We even had a family of random animals walking together during the eve of one of those lovely spring sunsets.  Curious how animals have dogs to walk…


Howling Like Wolves

We started a new howl on Thursday evenings.  Neighbors can hear the howls from all over town.  I think this one will get rowdier as time goes on!

Loosely Gathering for Walks

A new group started in Copper Harbor.  It’s called the Social 6.  A few people gather in the morning for a walk about.  In the evening, a few more join with a beverage of their choice to roam the streets of Copper Harbor and share conversation.

“If there’s more than 10 of us, we split into two groups,” says Syd, one of the founding members who makes sure to enforce the guidelines.  “It’s been great for everybody,” she adds.


The Social 6 group meanders here and there before loosely gathering in front of one of the many closed businesses for a picture.

Outdoor Activities

Other locals have been getting out on their own for a prolonged walk, snow bike ride, run, etc.  The sun has been shining a little bit more, so that makes this time a little more bearable.

The community itself is still trying to contain only its residents.  Probably much like yours.

Get creative.  Stay safe.  Be smart.  Stay home.

We’ll see you on the flip side of this!

(I apologize in for the low quality photos.  I pirated them from our community forum.  Thank you to the people who took them for documentation sake!)

This blog written by resident author Amanda Wais

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A Word from the Mayor

Just kidding.

We don’t have a mayor!

But we would like to make a special announcement that we will be able to whole-heartedly welcome you back to our little town once the world’s current situation clears up and our businesses are able to re-open their shops, restaurants, motels and doors in general.

We wish you and yours the best during these times.

Feel free to plan your vacation for when you are able to return here in the next couple/few months… nobody really knows.

In the mean time, we will do our best to show you pictures of the lake and wilderness, so you can find a breath of fresh air.

Today’s morning window frost


“Window pane” ice along the shore last week


Thanks for your patience and understanding while the world slows down and gets back on a new pair of feet.

This blog is written by resident author, Amanda Wais.

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