If you have time for only one attraction in the Keweenaw...
...This is the one to visit!!!

Delaware is an authentic Copper Mine dating back to 1847-87. Eight million pounds of Copper were removed from the five shafts that reached a depth of 1400 feet with ten various levels. The tour takes you to the first level at 110 feet. You'll see veins of pure copper exposed in the walls of the mine along with other geologic points of interest.

Tour Schedule
Seven Days a Week
10 a.m. - 6 p.m., June, July, August
10 a.m. - 5 p.m. September and October
Last Tour begins 45 minutes before closing time.

Pneumatic Drill located on the first level of the mine. 

Self Guided Tours:

You can take your time exploring the well lit tunnels and shafts with signs throughout...
...or you may take a Guided Tour of the mine with our informative guides. Your Tour lasts approximately 45 minutes and includes the surface areas of the mine site after you return from underground.

First level landing of the Number One shaft.

At one time this was a very active, high output mine. Seven layers, or strata, with attendant stopes and auxillary shafts, produced a catacomb of passageways and excavations. This educational and interesting attraction is on U.S. 41 just Twelve Miles South of Copper Harbor.

For further information, Contact us:
Delaware Copper Mine
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