A Procurement Outsourcing Contract That Covers Approval Workflow

If approvers do not approve or reject requests within the specified time frame, they will receive system-generated reminders. If the applicant does not respond to these alerts, the applicant may either withdraw and cancel the application or resubmit it after selecting another approver. GEP SMART Procure-to-Pay software can also be configured to redirect trusts to other members of this trust pool. As a leading provider of strategic sourcing services, procurement services, source-to-pay technology, order-to-cash solutions and managed services, Corcentric helps companies of all sizes and industries quickly achieve digital transformation, operational improvements, cost reductions and improved supplier relationships, while increasing internal stakeholder buy-in and organizational influence. We offer a team of subject matter experts and procurement consultants with hands-on experience who develop a plan that can be executed in a very short time and cost-effective manner. Yes. GEP SMART Procure-to-Pay software includes comprehensive user roles, which means the software understands who you are, automates approvals, and fulfills requirements and orders with accounting and other codes without manual intervention. The GEP SMART procurement software platform increases process control, compliance and efficiency, reducing paperwork, processing errors and costs, with a minimal learning curve. From order to invoice, your procurement processes become more efficient, gain valuable insights into spending behavior, and save more time and money. As procurement continues to evolve, both large and small businesses need more robust strategic procurement processes and resources to develop and maintain procurement capabilities of the right size, structure, and maturity.

Corcentric Procurement Services includes a team of highly experienced experts in procurement consulting, intuitive strategic procurement technologies and data-driven market intelligence. Together, they provide the specialized requirements to drive the development of your purchases from a purely tactical function to an innovative, nuanced and strategic unit. Yes – the GEP SMART Procure-to-Pay solution has interactive dashboards that allow you to track open and executed orders at all levels in one convenient view, whether purchase requisitions are attached or not. Streamline invoice management with line-to-line ordering and multi-channel invoice reconciliation. Use automatic invoice approval for faster processing while keeping your invoices error-free with the ability to report exceptions for quick intervention Choose how you want to work – customize your payment request workflows (failover, delegation, and escalation) across different business units, countries, and tax codes. The acceleration of materiel, material procurement, orders, policies and procedures, as well as results and performance is called Procure to Pay. Yes. GEP SMART Procure-to-Pay software workflows can be customized as a hierarchy, parallel, or pool. This is similar to how approvals can be configured based on value, category, geography, and business unit. These workflows can then be applied to purchase requisitions and/or purchase orders and vary depending on the component most appropriate for the business. Yes, supplier relationship management is an important feature of the GEP SMART procurement platform.

GEP SMART helps users monitor performance and proactively maintain better relationships with suppliers. Supplier relationship management on GEP SMART offers the opportunity to establish robust governance structures, deploy appropriate supplier engagement models, and participate in a range of targeted and collaborative activities. It also gives users the ability to define action plans, assign stakeholders, and measure the results of supplier engagements. Based on the business rules that need to be applied, GEP SMART allows users to easily edit, withdraw, or modify orders. GEP SMART can be fully customized to reflect how your business works. You can fully integrate your policies and processes into the software – and GEP`s procurement experts will also help you define best practice policies from scratch. SMART P2P GEP software gives users the flexibility to customize approval workflows. All approvers (serial, parallel, and pool) and automatic approvals are determined by a combination of variables. The procurement requisition and approval process can be streamlined by transferring catalog-based, low-risk, low-value requisitions directly to pre-approved vendors and sending additional purchase requisitions to designated staff. Corcentric`s procurement support service provides on-demand access to all of our resources.

Whether you`re exploring a new category of spending like green procurement, entering into new partnerships, or expanding your supply chain, Corcentric`s team of experts is here to help you optimize every aspect of your procurement operations, from requirements to orders. .

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