Golf & Mini Golf

Golf & Mini Golf

Whether you're looking for a 9 hole golf course or some putt putt fun, we've got that.

Disc Golf

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

Tucked back in the woods at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, there is a disc golf course that provides another outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts. The 9-hole disc golf course at the resort has been routed through the woods, providing players the ability to test their throwing skills while feeling they are alone in the wilderness at the top of the Keweenaw. The course is tight, which makes accuracy a high priority for players. You can bring your own discs or you rent a set of discs at the Lodge.

Fling Golf

Keweenaw Mountain Lodge

As the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge looks to provide multiple opportunities for visitors to enjoy outdoor activities, the resort has added Fling Golf as an option to play the resort’s wilderness golf course. Played on a standard golf course using a standard golf ball, Fling Golf is a mix between lacrosse and traditional golf where players use a Fling Stick to throw the golf ball down the fairway. The option to throw the golf ball with a Fling Stick provides an alternative to hitting the golf ball with traditional golf clubs,. This difference can make the golfing experience more natural, fun, and enjoyable. You can bring your own Fling Sticks or you can rent them at the Lodge golf course.

Golf at KML

Copper Harbor is as far north as you can go in the state of Michigan. As a result, Copper Harbor has the furthest north golf course in the state, at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge.

The Golf Course at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is an enjoyable 9-hole golf course designed using the Keweenaw terrain, with spectacular views of Brockway Mountain (on holes 1 and 4). Each hole has its own character, and makes you feel like you are in the wilderness.

While public appearances are not guaranteed, you will share the golf course with wildlife. Our summer residents include the Sandhill Cranes, our little fox families, and of course, the deer. These birds and animals allow us to play on their golf course, so have your cameras ready!

Into the Woods Mini Golf

Into the Woods offers an 18 hole miniature course. It’s a fun putt through the Keweenaw in miniature, surrounded by a beautiful garden setting. The course is fun for the whole family! You will also find Herbs & Perennials, gift & garden items and  dog toys. Need a fun place for a party? The “Gardens” offer a special rental space as well for BBQ’s, birthday parties, etc.

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