Snowshoeing in Copper Harbor and the Keweenaw Peninsula opens up a world of it’s own since you don’t have to worry about groomed trails and established pathways. The most frequently visited and best known area is the Estivant Pines Nature Sanctuary just south of Copper Harbor. To snowshoe unmarked areas of the wilderness, be prepared and use common sense. The first prerequisite is preparation for winter warmth and dryness. You also need to know all the rules of winter survival in the wild in case you are out longer than you anticipated, or need help getting back. This is WILDERNESS–not something to take lightly.

Copper Harbor Snowshoe Trails – Catch these trails by the Copper Harbor Trails Club kiosk

The Brockway mountain entrance is on the west end of town just as M26 leads you out of Copper Harbor.

Brockway Mountain – 17km – The mountain drive is a snowmobile trail in the winter, but you can still make your way up and down the mountain on snowshoes. The vistas are amazing.

Fort Wilkins State Park – Easy trail that winds around the complex and trails

Hunter’s Point – 3.2 km – Easy snowshoeing along Lake Superior’s shoreline.

Estivant Pines – 5.4 km – Snowshoe trail through virgin white pine forest.