Location ~ Paths

The roads leading to the “top” are very well maintained paved highways. Federal highway US-41 and State highway M-26 are plowed well and open all year. Once you arrive in Houghton and cross the lift bridge to Hancock, highways US-41 and M-26 split, they both inevitably end up in Copper Harbor, however. They meet back together at Calumet then split again at Phoenix at this point M-26 is known as Lakeshore Drive and takes the lake route all the way to Copper Harbor – US-41 goes through the center of the peninsula and the “tree tunnel” also ending in Copper Harbor. Both routes are very scenic and we recommend you take one coming and one leaving!

US-41 – On arrival you will see a Welcome to Copper Harbor sign on the left then a stop sign and a blinking light (the only traffic light in the county) If you continue to go straight you will be on 6th Street, turning left will put you on M-26 , turning right will keep you on US-41.

M-26 – On arrival you will see a Copper Harbor sign and a reduced speed limit sign. You will then be on the west end of Copper Harbor.



Houghton Memorial Airport is about 40 miles from Copper Harbor. There is taxi service available from the airport and local car rental agencies. The Keweenaw Adventure Company in Copper Harbor offers shuttle service from the airport.