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A Wintery Video at Hunter’s Point

 Thank you for sharing this Scott!

Keweenaw Zen…Sunday morning’s symphony in the world’s greatest cathedral…Her secrets whispered in the echoes…today’s sermon from the land North of Nowhere

Posted by Scott Wendt on Sunday, December 27, 2015

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Winter Scene

View of Porter’s Island from Hunter’s Point

15_12-3 porters

Inhale…Her essence borne on the wind…Crisp…Pure…Her rhythmic pulse…flow forward…surge back…Her Voice…soothing…a whisper with no words…exhale…Her spirit lingers…For once inside, you are never alone…She’s a friend…a lover…a jealous mistress…She’s a source of power and wisdom…a benevolent soul…Superior has no equal…and life is defined by Her shadow…for those who live in the Land North of Nowhere… — in Copper Harbor, Michigan.  ~ 2 Guys Photography

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Indian Pipe

Hunter’s Point is home to many rare, unusual and endangered plant species. This beauty is Indian Pipe, an actual flower. It starts out white, turns pinkish then darkens until eventually black. The plant is an unusual type of parasite. It does not get its nutrition directly through tree roots, but from an intermediary connection with a mycorrhizal fungus. The fungus transfers some of the photosynthate it derives from the tree roots to the Indian pipe. What a relationship!


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