Natural Wonders

The world is full of natural wonders of every kind. Copper Harbor may be small, but it possesses an amazing collection of them.

The skies yield wonders of their own. The sunsets and sunrises are often dramatic and always beautiful. You may see the Aurora Borealis aka northern lights. The best seat in the house is atop Brockway Mountain. This is also a fantastic spot to stargaze. The milky was can be clearly seen and it’s the perfect spot to watch meteor shower, not to mention fabulous sunsets.

Lake Superior offers ever changing marvels. It has a new mood every day and always gorgeous. To look upon it and feel it’s cleansing breezes is truly invigorating.

The fall color season rivals anywhere else in the country! Our mixed woodlands featuring a variety of deciduous trees blended with an abundance of coniferous species deliver a stunning color show in autumn. The “Tree Tunnel” US-41 coming into Copper Harbor is literally jaw dropping in the fall.
Due to our location; being surrounded on 3 sides by Lake Superior, our color season is later than places south of us. This is important to know, as we peak a couple weeks later than other UP towns.

There are many area waterfalls and abundant wildflowers which constantly change with the seasons.

The Keweenaw Peninsula is a migrating bird magnet and most of the activity winds up in Copper Harbor resulting in a spectacular migration season. Brockway Mountain also known as “hawk highway” is home to massive raptor migrations that take place in spring. The annual Keweenaw’s Migratory Bird Day Festival is held in Copper Harbor offering great birding, presentations, bird walks and more.

Copper Harbor is hidden in the far north against a backdrop of lakes, mountains and pristine forest. It is the home of numerous wildlife species including the American Black Bear.

Do some berry picking in the fruiting season. The relatively unexplored area surrounding Copper Harbor could yield a nice berry patch. There are only a few places that the Thimbleberry plant calls home and one is here! The berries are one of the local favorite wonders.

Fresh, clean air and scenic beauty abound. Come and explore, you won’t be disappointed!