Lake Superior

Lake Superior

The Keweenaw Peninsula is surrounded by Lake Superior and Copper Harbor is at the very top ~ Michigan’s Northernmost Town. The Lake is responsible for the “micro-climate” we experience in Copper Harbor. The winters are tempered by her and we usually don’t see temperatures lower than 15 degrees. The summers are cooled by her breezes and rarely get out of the 70’s. We enjoy a growing zone 6 due to the Lake. All this and beautiful too, Lake Superior rocks!

Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake in the world by surface area (Lake Baikal is the largest by volume). The big lake contains enough water to flood the entire land mass of North and South America in a foot of water.

Each day (or hour sometimes) brings a different mood and each season is a dramatic change. The big lake causes surprisingly fast changes in the weather including storms and fog. Beautiful rainbows, lightning shows, awesome clouds and other wonders are stirred up by this massive inland sea.

When in Copper Harbor you will find numerous recreational opportunities provided by Lake Superior. Paddling, boating, fishing, SCUBA diving, swimming and rock-hounding along the shores to name a few.

There’s a certain magic to Superior and once you spend some time around her, you will feel the need to return.