What Is London Business School

Diversity as a cornerstone: With 90% of the typical LBS MBA class coming from outside the UK, you can expect an inclusive and multicultural environment with no dominant culture. In addition, the school is committed to “knowing the many dimensions of diversity” and publishes an annual report documenting its progress and ongoing efforts to create an even more diverse community. The Global MiM, jointly led by London Business School and the prestigious Fudan School of Management in Shanghai, provides an unprecedented foundation for international business challenges that prepare for the opportunities of tomorrow. The LBS MBA is designed for individuals who have gained high-quality work experience but are at a relatively early stage of their career. It is suitable for people who wish to expand their knowledge of business and management for: This school`s GLOBAL One-Year MBA offers students the opportunity to spread their studies at two or three international locations, including Boston, San Francisco, New York, Dubai, Shanghai and, of course, London. Hult`s MBA was ranked in Businessweek`s non-U.S. MBA rankings, and the one-year global MBA and leadership programs were ranked by The Economist. The school offers a part-time and full-time Master of Finance (“MiF”) program. About 120 students are studying full-time, 60 are studying part-time. In 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2020,[33] it was ranked No. 1 in the global Master`s programmes in Finance (post-experience) by the Financial Times. The main campus is located on Sussex Place in London, next to Regent`s Park.

In 2012, the school acquired Marylebone Town Hall and spent £60 million to renovate it, with the aim of expanding its teaching facilities by 70% – the new building is called The Sammy Ofer Centre. [4] LBS also acquired the land from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, which left the building in November 2019. [5] LBS has a secondary campus in Dubai dedicated to executive education and the Dubai EMBA. [6] Westminster Business School offers an MBA in London at a very affordable price. The school`s AMBA accredited full-time MBA program can be completed in as little as 12 months and is particularly focused on growing future board members. There are more than 70 student clubs at the school. These range from professional clubs such as consulting, entrepreneurship and energy clubs to regional clubs such as the Latin American and Chinese club. There are also clubs of general interest and sports such as football, wine and cheese and salsa club. [57] The London Business School is known for its Master of Business Administration (MBA), which has a strong focus on international business.

It is often ranked among the best MBA programs in the world by leading publications such as Businessweek, Forbes, and the Financial Times. Today, the London Business School`s MBA programme welcomes around 500 students, including 66 nationalities, almost 40% of whom are women. In fact, only 10% of the 2021 MBA class will come from the UK. As soon as the application has been accepted, a review will be carried out by the selection committee. If the candidate meets the school`s criteria, they will be invited to an interview on the London campus. If this last step is successful, the candidate receives an offer from LBS. The University of Chicago`s Booth School of Business conducts part of its Executive MBA on its London campus, giving European students easier access to training from this world-renowned business school. The EMBA, which is taught in London, Chicago and Hong Kong, offers a truly international education during its 21-month programme. The Master in Management (MiM) is a one-year Master of Management designed for college graduates who have less than one year of full-time postgraduate work experience or less than two years of experience in a non-traditional business role. Students also benefit from the school`s 42,000 alumni, who offer a wealth of knowledge, business experience and networking opportunities around the world. London Business School is the leading two-year MBA program in Europe. With 90% of each class coming from outside the UK, the school offers a truly international environment that cannot be achieved even by the most international two-year MBA programmes in the US.

The school offers a 5-year full-time Doctoral program. It supports 60 fully funded PhD students in seven Doctoral programs: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management Sciences and Operations, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, and Strategic and International Management. [56] The London Business School was founded in 1964 as the London Graduate School of Business Studies with Dr. Arthur Earle as Dean[…].

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